CRM Call Center Integration

Call Center Solution Integration with CRM

Call Center solution and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system are two main tools used by the agents of call centers, customer support and customer care centers. The agents use the call center solution to run the calling campaigns which can be inbound or outbound. During the call, the agents need to look into the details of the caller to provide them personalized experience, which comes from the CRM system. The major and most common issue faced by the agents is switching over between two different screens of call center solution and CRM system. Also, there is a major concern of keeping the data identical and up-to-date in both of the stated systems.

Ominfosystem provides call center solution and CRM system integration service so both systems work in harmony. Moreover, they offer a custom widget which furnishes agents with an advanced tool to operate both systems from a single screen.

Working Model of Call Center solution and CRM System Integration Along With the Single Sign On Solution:

  • Agents need to sign into the call center solution, which can be any open source or custom call center software
  • When he attends a call (inbound/outbound), the details of that specific lead will be appeared to him in a pop up window which is generated by fetching from the integrated CRM solution
  • Once the call is completed, the agent can update the details or fill in the disposition which will update the details in the CRM system automatically

Key Features of Call Center & CRM Solution Integration and Single Sign On Solution:

  • Provide all information of the lead to the agent during live call in the call center solution itself
  • Provide empty lead box to fill in for the first time caller or new lead in the call center dialer solution
  • Create new lead data in the CRM solution which were inserted in the call center solution
  • Allow agents to edit the lead information in the call center dialer which get updated automatically in the CRM solution
  • Check for Lead duplication to keep unique records
  • Real time information update in both, Call center and CRM system
  • Automated lead(s) update in the call center, which is added in the CRM
  • Priority assignment to leads
  • Priority based lead routing to the agent. For example: High Priority lead gets priority to get connected to the agent while in the call queue
  • Disposition based lead update in the CRM system
  • Rule based lead update in the CRM
  • Update only data which are changed/ updated in the CRM
  • Rule based action in the dialer from CRM.
  • Rule based automated action of calling a lead or sending an email. For example, sending greeting email or call to lead on their birthday or anniversary
  • Click to call functionality in the CRM solution itself
  • High level of Data security by keeping sensitive data private such as phone number, email ID, etc. from the agent
  • Seamless integration of call logs between CRM and Call Center Solution
  • Seamless call recording data integration between CRM and Call Center Solution
  • Complete log records of each action taken to update lead to both, CRM and Call center system
  • And many more

Key Benefits of Call Center & CRM Solution Integration and Single Sign On Solution:

  • Swift operations by operating from a single screen
  • Complete harmony between Call center solution and CRM (Customer Relationship Management solution)
  • Real time updated data
  • Automation in actions
  • Unique data management for leads and campaigns and avoid duplicity
  • Save time
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Better utilization of resources

Supported Call Center Solutions:

  • iConnect Dialer
  • Custom call center or contact center software

Supported CRM Solutions:

  • vTiger
  • Zoho
  • SugarCRM
  • Any custom CRM software
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