Missed Call/Voice Mail Solution

Allow your Audience to Reach You Instantly with

“Missed Call, Voice Mail”

Let them give you a missed call to their phone and you can respond back in many ways!

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                   Missed Call to SMS                             Missed Call to Call                                 Missed Call to IVR

A very unique and easiest form to reach your customers Missed Call/VM Solution. Now a day’s Missed Call/VM are an innovative solution to engage users for various activities. Across the world among the mobile users, a Missed call has been a common methodology and a widely accepted tool to send information to other users.

Missed call is popular among masses because it is free for the caller. Everybody likes “freebies”.

The Missed Call/VM Solution is completely automated web based platform that enables you to create business lead, feed backs, voting campaigns, awareness campaigns etc.

Every business has three major concerns:

  • Generating Leads

Lead Generation

  • Never miss a single lead. Just include PINGER Missed Call/VM Service in your advertisements and capture all potential customers 24 x 7.
  • VM/Missed Call solution is very useful for lead generation to make leads database.

Benefits of VM/Missed Call Solution:

  • The customer/caller is not charged for the missed call.
  • It is user-friendly as it is based on dialling and not typing.
  • It is easy to know the status of missed call instantly as against SMS whose delivery report may take some time to display.
  • The missed calls solution can be used by mobile users and also landline owners.
  • It is quick compared to SMS.
  • Being an interactive medium, it is capable of bringing phenomenal results
  • No extra infrastructure required at your end.
  • Works 24/7

Because a sales process always starts from a Lead, which later converts to “Potential” and then to “Sales”.

How it Works

  • We can also play a voice confirmation during the missed call which plays a voice prompt such as, “Thank you for calling, your number has been registered and our executive will call you back”

Utilities of The Missed Call Solution

  • The Missed Call/VM Solution is useful to many sectors; A few useful categories are listed below

Mobile Number Verification:

  • You can now ask your website user to give a missed call on a given number for mobile number registration verification. In return, you can send a security code to be entered on your online form to avoid theft of identity and frauds.


  • Replace your Traditional Toll Free Number with this Intelligent Missed Call Alert Number and Save Huge on your monthly billing and automate the Support & Sales System.

Call Back Service:

  • Give your customer an option of registration via a missed call. The customer number gets stored in the database and you may call them back and eliminate time on hold.

Website registrations:

  • Now avoid filling of lengthy and boring registration forms by using Elision’s Missed Call solution. Your website visitors can register themselves through a missed call.

Missed call for Contest & Voting:

  • Gone are the days when you need to stand in a queue or SMS to vote for your favourite candidate. Welcome to the new world of voting through missed call on unique toll-free number. We call it free-commerce.

Missed Call for Feedback:

  • Going one step further, Elision has developed a unique platform through which your valuable customers can now send their feedback, ratings etc. through a missed call.
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