Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution
OverviewIP PBX solution can be used to leverage benefits of advanced communication features offered by the VoIP communication solution. The multi-tenant IP PBX solution helps in collaborating different branches and integrating a seamless communication mechanism. The IP PBX solution can be used to enjoy the benefits of an IP PBX solution from multiple premised and managing as well as controlling the whole communication solution from central office or location. Also, this solution can be used for providing IP PBX service to multiple tenants aka clients.Elision Technolab LLP is one of the leading VoIP solution provider company which offers custom multi-tenant IP PBX solution. The company offers the development service of a multi-tenant IP PBX system with custom features required by the customer.This solution can have all simple to advanced IP PBX features required by the client to meet his communication and collaboration requirement.Ominfosystem provides the customization as well new module development and integration service for open source IP PBX solutions.Key Features of offered Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution:

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Inbound calling
Outbound calling
Video call
IP phone connectivity
Active call
Auto Attendant Routing
Extension Group Management
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Parking
Call Pickup
Call Transfer
Call Forwarding
Call baring
Call Filters & Blocking
Multiparty Conference call
Three way conference call
Conference bridge
Music on hold
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System
Name directory
Dial by Name
Dial by Extension
DID support
E-911 Emergency number support
Voicemail to Email
Extension Range Flexibility
Find Me Follow Me
Web Based Administration
Multiple Codec support
Multiple protocol support
Call Screening
Call Recording
Call Detail Record
3rd party API support

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