If you are doing a customer reminder/notification campaign or a political/non-profit broadcast campaign you may want to be able to dial a list of numbers and play a message for them when the customer side of the phone line picks up the phone. These kinds of campaigns can be set up a few different ways depending upon how you want the message to be played on the other end.

Our team will help you create a powerfully persuasive set of pre-recorded phone messages, and then we will use our advanced technology to provide these compelling messages to a targeted list of your customers. The people who are interested in your offer will either Press-1 to connect to your marketing agents or simply call your toll-free number.

We use a patented custom software that makes it easy to do scientific testing of the effectiveness of variations of your messages.

We furnish you with realtime web based graphical reporting so that you can see how exactly is your campaign working.


  • Detailed Broadcast Reports
  • As soon as you send out a voice broadcasting you’ll get a detailed report of what happened on every call. Call reports are also available to download to your computer.
  • Customize Caller-ID
  • With Elision Broadcasting system you can control the phone number that appears on the caller ID – this way all calls look like they are coming directly from you or your organization.
  • Manage System Remotely
  • If you need to voice broadcast while away from your computer, you can easily access your account from anywhere.
  • Survey & Polling System
  • Want to send out a phone poll or acquire responses from your recipients? With our survey system you can ask a question in your recorded message, let people respond back, and view their responses in your call reports.
  • Push To Connect
  • Send out a call and give people the option of pressing a key to connect directly to you! We’ll connect the person with any phone number you wish.
  • Play Message on Call Back
  • Don’t want to use your number? We can provide you with a unique local number to use as the caller ID or as a number that your contacts can call to receive a customized message.
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