IoT will Shape Your Future

The world is currently learning the good and bad of working from home. Weeks ago, only a few of us were working from home consistently. For most others, this has been a whole new experience. Working from home consistently for many days on, will require a lifestyle as well as work-style shift. Are we prepared for it? Do we need a dedicated office at home.


IoT and smart home automation, especially, could help make our work from home more comfortable and productive. Imagine several aspects of your home turning smart, making your home and your home office more ergonomic, easy to manage and also fun.

For Example

Smart lights with intensity control could help you reduce eye strain as you work with optimum lighting, and to avoid that glare during a video call, smart curtains and blinds could help at the press of a button.

Home Office

While you work from home in a smart home environment, one thing to be extremely cautious is security of your home network. One needs to ensure that it isn’t just your laptop and phone that are secured. All gadgets and appliances on the network need to be secured, from your smart refrigerator to TVs to your vacuum cleaner.

For Example

A smart door lock and smartphone accessed door camera can help you avoid getting up and answering the door, unless it’s really necessary. And for those of us who have young children, setting up cameras in different rooms will help keep a tab without breaking the rhythm of work.

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