IP-PBX is also known as PBX, business phone system or Unified Communications System, a PBX actually works as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. IP-PBX handles internal traffic between stations to the outside world. The initials IP-PBX stand for Private Branch Exchange, which is considered to be a very old fashioned term for a system that has evolved over the past century.

A business phone system is made up of two key elements: stations & lines. The lines are basically called as trunks. Stations are simply telephones or like fax machines, modems and credit card terminals.

The main mission of the PBX is to provide shared access to limited resources. A business can share a small pool of lines across a much larger pool of stations rather than having a separate phone line for each phone.
Additional features are also added to automatically route incoming calls between stations and to permit or deny calls based on various rules. Om Infosystem has added features of call queuing, voice messaging, and other value added services.

Today every business needs advanced features to run their businesses in an efficient manner, a business phone system is much more than just a simple switch. Most of the business demands for features like automated attendant, call queuing, voice messaging, and multi-party conferencing which have become standard key factors in today’s business world.

Initially, when PBXs were developed, wireline phone calls were the only kind of electronic communication available at the marketplace, but today the communications landscape has expanded to include video conferencing, desktop sharing, email, instant messaging, SMS and mobile telephony. Unified Communications describe the process of merging all of these technologies and integrating them with business processes. Unified Communications intends to enhance efficiency while simplifying management.

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Key IP-PBX Features

If you’re passionately looking for a reliable and cost-effective PBX, here are some of the features you got to use which is included in the package.

VoIP Ready

Make sure your PBX can support IP stations (phones) and IP trunks (service). SIP is the current de facto standard, so don’t buy a phone system that doesn’t support it.

Voice Messaging

Look for PBXs that can forward voicemail messages to your email as attachments.If possible, look for IP phones that support visual voicemail.


Make sure your PBX supports mobility features like Find Me/Follow Me, remote IP extensions and fixed/mobile convergence


Make sure your phone system has native support for true multi-party conferences (not just basic three-way calling).

Some More Features
  • Video calling & conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Upload PDF/office documents
  • Whiteboard with text tools
  • Mute & un-mute participants
  • Public & private chat option
  • Smart phone with Wi-Fi client
  • Audio conference bridging
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice Logger
  • Distributed office setup
  • Voice mail to Email
  • Seamless integration with existing EPABX
  • Fax to Email


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. So, make sure that the PBX you pick includes basic call history reporting features.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IP PBX has in-built IVR solution which have the flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels. It supports multi language voice, custom greetings, text to speech and many other advanced features.

Video calling & conferencing

IP PBX supports superior quality video calling. Needs no other hardware except video cameras. Multiple participants and presenter can share their video simultaneously over the web using in-built or external webcam.


IP PBX is packed with all the high end features that a propriety PBX can offer you and much more. With Asterisk as the platform, opportunities are endless. The standard compliance and open architecture allows IP PBX to offer exactly what your business requires.


IP PBX is purely Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source communication platform which provides all of the features you would expect from a proprietary PBX at a much affordable cost. Asterisk is one of the best ways for a sensible integration between telecom and any other technology you might wish to connect your telecom to.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is trained on all types of Asterisk applications with extensive troubleshooting experience encompassing basic dial plan construction to real-time configuration management. We believe in a quality and efficiency driven services. We have 24/7 customer care support, striving to make the customer experience fruitful with us.


Asterisk is flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure. With asterisk no one will tell you how your phone system should work or what technology you are limited to. Asterisk embraces the concept of standards compliances, while enjoying the freedom to develop its own innovations.

Third party Integration

IP PBX is based on open standard, it can integrate seamlessly with any third-party applications and products. You can choose from the line of products that are available in the market and will have no vendor lock-in.

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